Something warm from the cup

Espresso CHF 4,00
Doppio CHF 6,00
Coffee CHF 5,00
Cafe Latte CHF 5,00
Cappuccino CHF 5,00
Latte Macchiato CHF 5,50
Hot Chocolate CHF 5,00

Fresh Ginger Tea CHF 5,00
Fresh Peppermint Tea CHF 5,00

EILES Tea Selection CHF 5,00


(Iced) Golden Milk CHF 6,00
(Iced) Red Beet Latte CHF 6,00
(Iced) Matcha Latte CHF 6,00
(Iced) Chai Latte CHF 6,00

Milk Alternatives

Cashew Milk
Oat Milk
Almond Milk
Rice Coconut Milk
Harvest Moon (Rice, Coconut, Cashew)
Soj Milk

Smoothies & Juices

Cocoa Smoothie CHF 9,00
Berry Smoothie CHF 9,00
Green Power Smoothie CHF 9,00
Mango-Coconut Lassi CHF 9,00
Spirulina Smoothie CHF 9,00
Morning Delight CHF 6,00
Carrot, Ginger, Apple
Purple Dream CHF 6,00
Red Beet, Carrot, Ginger
Green Detox CHF 6,00
Celery, Cucumber, Apple
SunBird Energy Drink CHF 6,00
Coconut Water CHF 4,90
Chari Tea Mint CHF 5,00
Biotta Smoo’Tea CHF 6,00
Blood Orange, Ginger
Biotta Smoo’Tea CHF 6,00
Apricot, Apple-Mint
Biotta Smoo’Tea CHF 6,00
Rasberry, Verbena
Biotta Smoo’Tea CHF 6,00
Mango, Verbena
Biotta Booster CHF 5,00
Ginger Shot
Kaffeetschi Coconut CHF 5,50
Kaffeetschi Cold Brew CHF 5,00

Sweet Bowls

Bircher Muesli CHF 9,00
Acai Bowl CHF 9,50
Green Smoothie Bowl CHF 9,00
Rice Pudding Natural CHF 6,50
Rice Pudding Cinnamon/Sugar CHF 7,00
Rice Pudding Apple Sauce CHF 7,50
Rice Pudding Mango CHF 8,00
Rice Pudding Berries CHF 8,00
Rice Pudding Nut puree CHF 8,00
Chia Coconut Yogurt Mango CHF 3,50
Chia Coconut Yogurt Berries CHF 3,50
Chia Coconut Yogurt Peach CHF 3,50
Porridge Natural CHF 6,50
Berry Porridge CHF 8,00
Chocolate Banana Porridge CHF 8,00
Mango Porridge CHF 8,00
Fruit salad CHF 7,00

Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

Soup of the Day CHF 9,50

Mixed Salad CHF 7,00

Protein Bowl CHF 7,00
Lentils, Chickpeas, Kidney Beans, Sesame Oil
Sandwich with Grilled Vegetables CHF 7,50
Avocado Wrap CHF 8,50
Mediterranean Wrap CHF 7,50
Greek Salad CHF 7,00


Weekly warm changing dish

Fixed in assortment
Chinese Cabbage

Seasonal, monthly changing bowl

Changing offer

Cakes & Pastries

The cake assortment often varies and changes almost daily. You can see what is currently available in the cake showcase.

Apple Crumble Cake CHF 6,00

Banana Chocolate Cake CHF 5,00

Brownie CHF 4,50

Mango-Maracuja Tart CHF 6,00

Linzer Cake CHF 5,50
Carrot Cake CHF 6,00
Raspberry Vanilla Tart CHF 6,00
Lemon Blueberry Cake CHF 5,00
Almond Coconut Date Power Balls CHF 4,50 (Set of 3)

For information on allergens, or questions related to intolerances, please feel free to contact the SOUL FOOD team.