To our SOUL FOOD Lounge.

A warm welcome

When furnishing our location, we not only pay attention to the look, but also place great value on sustainable production and allergy-friendly materials.

A warm welcoming atmosphere

The SOUL FOOD lounge corner

The spacious lounge area invites you to linger for a while. Enjoy your lunch break here with a warm specialty coffee and take some time out from everyday life.

Restaurant area

The restaurant area, designed in Swiss oak wood, is perfect for enjoying our exquisite range of dishes.

Biodegradable packaging material

As we are committed to sustainability, we naturally also pay attention to our ecological footprint when selecting our packaging material.

Cardboard trays

By using bio-based raw materials, this item has a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional take-away trays.

Bioplastic PLA

Deli & Smoothie cups made from renewable resources, bio-based and biodegradable or compostable and petroleum-free!

Compostable cutlery

Environmentally friendly disposable tableware made from starch-based bioplastic and paper napkins made from brown recycled paper.

Regional suppliers and partners

In order to supply our customers with regional, seasonal products, we have built up a network of partners and suppliers who provide us with high-quality organic products.


For example the “Öpfelringli” of the traditional family business Steinebrunner are available in our store. In addition to various dried fruits, the product range also includes all kinds of products such as oils, sauces and spirits.


The location of the organic pioneer for natural fruit & vegetable juices is only a few kilometers away from our café. As a sustainable manufacturing company, they use no artificial additives whatsoever and produce healthy juices that taste great to boot.

New Roots

Vegetable milk, various nuts and seeds are used in the fermentation process to create vegan cheese alternatives that are amazingly similar to the original in consistency and taste. For example, we use Veta, vegan feta, as a garnish on our dishes.

Hochstrasser Tea & Coffee

A strong ristretto, a balanced espresso or a café crème. High-quality premium coffee, roasted in Lucerne, with over 165 years of experience. In addition, we offer Eilles tea and other hot beverages from the best sources.

Extended product range

In order to offer you even more healthy variety, we supplement our range with some third-party products, which of course all meet our credo – vegan, gluten-free and without refined sugar.

Here you will find numerous milk alternatives, baking ingredients that we use ourselves in our cakes and pies, nutritional supplements and many treats that can be enjoyed without a guilty conscience.

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